Thursday, May 10, 2018

[Daily] Thursday 2018.05.10 - Me as video game character; Steinbeck's Journal of a Novel

One of my coworkers describes RSI as the black lung of programmers. The past week has been tough with the pressure of delivering new features, doing interviews and lots of interview coordination (which is highly manual and thrashy), responding to and debugging inbound support, and fighting pain that goes all the way from the wrist up to the shoulders. If I were a video game character my health bar would not be full, but with RSI it's like playing a video game where there's a lag between taking a hit and seeing the drop in health—you don't quite know how much pushing yourself now for this length of time will show up later.

One piece of joy in my day is reading a little bit of Steinbeck's Journal of a Novel [review by Independent], which I chanced upon at the Brattle Book Shop in Boston last spring. I love Steinbeck's voice in my ear, and I purposely read this small volume of diary entries in small spurts to savor it. It's especially interesting because I recently (like a year or two ago) read East of Eden. More on this in a later post.

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