Monday, May 14, 2018

[Daily] Monday 2018.05.14 - Moving bricks

This morning I feel a bit in a daze. I the spent the latter half of Saturday in my room, and most of my Sunday. I got into a groove working last night. Finally, most of the pain in my hands is gone. As well as my back (gosh, am I that old?). I got up early this morning, waking at 3 and beginning at 3:30 with breaks. If I've learned anything from these episodes it's the importance of breaks.

I'm writing at Snowbird, where I've returned as a semi-regular after a break. It may be my favorite coffeeshop in SF now. It's a good place for hunkering down to do a set piece of work—the low ceilings favor it.

Yesterday I reflected on the types of activities I enjoy. I've found working at a tiny company where there are lots of gaps to plug is a perfect environment to figure out what I gravitate towards, or at least what I gravitate toward in the presence of others. Since college, I have felt I have the heart of a liberal arts major in the body of an engineer—not that those are mutually exclusive but that I feel some part of me not exercised in my work. Top of my list were: writing and teaching. Then, working with people, communicating, solving problems. Engineering is only interesting to me in that it can solve some problem. The bits and pieces themselves are just bricks.

This short exercise made obvious the restlessness I feel day to day. This blog has been a good outlet for scratching the writing itch. I'll have to work on the teaching.

And now, to work. An ambitious day ahead. Many bricks to move.

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