Monday, April 30, 2018

[Daily] Monday 2018.04.30 - Timeboxed Panic, Routine Obligations, New Books

About every Sunday night now, I'm arrested by panic about the upcoming week and weeks. I lose about thirty minutes gazing off into nothingness while I visualize the work, meetings, and insurmountable goals ahead. Then life goes on, the week comes, the next arrives. I would prefer to cut out this activity, and console myself with the thought that it's timeboxed and maybe even necessary.

There are two coffee shops below the office—Blue Bottle and Illy. For the first six months I was a regular customer at Blue Bottle and learned almost every barista's name. For my tastes, their cappuccinos are the most consistently good in the city. Yet for the past month I've only visited Illy, where the cafe au lait is consistently weak. What I get here, ironically, is a feeling of anonymity, and a more extended period of calm in the mornings because Illy doesn't fill up as fast. I'm further deterred from Blue Bottle knowing it's going to be a little awkward going back—I'll have to explain. This situation seems more complicated than it should be and non-ideal for any coffeeshop: routine turns into relationships and relationships turn into expectation, then unfulfilled expectation becomes a deterrent for return. How do you stop it? High staff turnover, stand-offish service, or a staff of robots? I begin to see the appeal of CafeX (if only they had seating).

Last night I picked up two fun books I saw at Booksmith:
  • Zizek's Jokes [some excerpts] — as the title says. Jokes of Slavoj Žižek.
  • Nabokov's Favorite Word Is Mauve [review by NPR] — a statistical look at famous authors' writing styles.

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